Teach America To Swim

Let me guess: you've heard about the "Teach America to Swim" campaign and are curious to know more about it? Maybe you're even more curious about learning to swim? Suppose swimming has always been a bit of a mystery for you, or perhaps even something that scared you. In that case, this is your perfect opportunity to satisfy your curiosity or conquer your fear.

Teach America to Swim is a great initiative that is getting Americans in the water, getting them swimming and making them fitter and healthier.

No one is too old or too young to swim. Whether you're a newbie considering taking the plunge, a parent wanting to equip your kids with crucial swimming skills, or a teacher looking for support, the 'Teach America to Swim' campaign is about breaking down barriers.

Is Teach America To Swim For Me?

Hang on, can adults learn to swim? I hear you ask. As a swimming teacher with decades of experience teaching adults to swim, I have a resounding yes!

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This national campaign is all about bringing swimming to the American people, and it doesn't matter where in the USA you come from or how old you are; you can still master one of the most essential life-saving skills. This is a solid investment in your health and well-being and a great way to have fun with your kids or socialise with friends.

Discover everything you need to know about Teach American to Swim and where to find swimming lessons in your part of The United States; click here.

Hang On - What Will I Learn?

Before you start your swimming journey, I'll kick you off with the basics. The essential parts you will learn first are:

These will all be taught to you slowly, gradually and at your pace and will help you progress to becoming relaxed and at ease in the water.

There are four basic swimming strokes to learn: Freestyle (or Front Crawl), Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. As an adult learning to swim, you will probably be most comfortable learning the breaststroke first. Front crawl and backstroke can come next, and as for butterfly stroke, you might want to save that one for later when you're competent with the others.

I have several handy resources available that you can download and look at right from your screens. I have several comprehensive ebooks, my most famous being the Learn to Swim for Beginners PDF. This covers everything from floating, gliding, breathing and submerging, plus all the drills you need to master all four basic swimming strokes.


The Complete Beginners Guide To Swimming 

Professional guidance and support to help you through every stage of learning how to swim.

Discover everything you need from first entering the pool and building confidence to floating and breathing. Plus, 82 exercises to master the four basic swimming strokes. 

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What Can You Do For Parents?

Several tools and games are also engineered to make swimming fun for kids. Parents wanting to use the Teach America To Swim campaign to introduce their children to water early can immerse themselves into another one of my most popular ebooks. Teach Your Child To Swim uses the power of play to reinforce water confidence and swim lessons and foster a long-lasting love for swimming in our young.

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Teach Your Child To Swim Through Games and Play 

Discover 60 games that use the power of play to embed basic swimming skills and help make your child a happy and confident swimmer.

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There's Tons For Teachers Too!

There is a ton of stuff here for teachers, too! Are you a school teacher looking to incorporate swimming lessons into your curriculum? I have many valuable teaching resources to assist you in your mission to Teach America To Swim. I've got you covered, from complete lesson plans to effective teaching strategies.

Am I Too Old To Learn To Swim?

"Can adults learn to swim?" Absolutely! It doesn't matter what age, shape or size you are. Anyone can learn to swim. If you have a medical condition, talk to your doctor or physician, who may advise swimming as a beneficial addition to your health regimen. Remember to get cleared by healthcare professionals before diving in, especially if you have never tried swimming.

And here's the great thing – you don't have to do it alone. You will meet many folks in your learn-to-swim classes at the same starting point. There's real value in those shared experiences as you can encourage each other and celebrate each milestone together.

Once you've decided to start, the first thing to tackle might be a fear of the water. During your learn-to-swim classes, you'll learn techniques to help you feel safer and more comfortable in the water, which will help you grow your confidence.

Many Americans have had bad experiences in and around the swimming pool. This time, it's going to be different. All swimming instructors are well-practised in the guiding principles of patience, perseverance, and positive reinforcement. Hence, the 'Teach America to Swim' campaign aims to tackle any previous bad experiences.

Adults learning to swim may initially feel self-conscious, apprehensive or even embarrassed. You will be encouraged to take it at your own pace from day one and not be pushed into anything you are uncomfortable with. Forget about perceived judgment; everyone's there to learn and support one another.

Swimming is one of the best ways to keep your body in tip-top shape. As a low-impact exercise, it puts minimal stress on the joints while giving your body a comprehensive workout. You'll reap many health benefits, from strengthening the muscles and improving your cardiovascular fitness and stamina to lowering blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Take advantage of all the resources I have for you here at Swim Teach, including beginner swimming lesson plans, instructional videos, and comprehensive ebooks, such as The Complete Beginners Guide To Swimming. These resources and my decades of experience have helped numerous people attain their swimming goals, and I am confident they can help you, too!

So, are you eager to plunge into the world of swimming? Say goodbye to sitting on the poolside and, instead, embrace the water experience. You got this! The Teach America to Swim campaign is here to lend a helping hand, inspiring more Americans to embrace the life-enhancing world of swimming. So, come on, America- let's swim!