How To Swim Breaststroke

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Is it time to change the way you learn how to swim breaststroke?  Frustrated with pulling and kicking and feeling like you're getting nowhere fast?  Or maybe you are actually getting somewhere, but are exhausted in the process.  

Look no further.  I have taken breaststroke technique and broken it down into its separate parts to make it clear to see what each part of your body should be doing.  

Top 12 tips to smoother breaststroke swimming techniquePoor breaststroke swimming technique will get you nowhere

Breaststroke technique in 2 minutes...

12 Steps to Better Breaststroke Technique

1.  The stroke begins with the body in a stretched out, horizontal position with the face in the water.  

2.  The upper body lifts as the arms pull and the head lifts to breathe.

breaststroke body position basic technique

3.  Breaststroke leg kick takes place under the water and begins with the legs in an extended position with feet together.

4.  The knees bend to bring the heels towards the butt and the feet flex into an outward turned position at the same time.

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Basic breaststroke leg kick technique

5.  With the feet now turned outwards, they accelerate in a curved pathway, with the soles of the feet exposed to the water to provide propulsion.

6.  The feet then snap together and the legs finish together to form a streamlined shape.

Breaststroke leg kick action showing circular whip kick

7.  The arms begin extended out front with palms facing downwards.

8.  The arms then pull in a circular movement, outwards and downwards, followed by a movement inwards and forwards.

9.  The hands finish together with arms fully extended and elbows tucked in to maintain a streamlined shape.

Breaststroke arm technique for beginners

10.  Breathing inwards takes place every time the arms pull back to allow the body to lift and the head to rise.

11.  Breathing outwards occurs as the legs kick back and the arms extend forwards - think 'blow your hands forwards'.

12.  The coordination of the stroke can be broken down into a repeated pattern of 'pull, breathe, kick, glide'. 

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