How To Swim Backstroke

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Learning how to swim backstroke one part at a time is the best way to get an overall smooth swimming stroke. Break the stroke down into its separate parts, learn and perfect those parts and then piece the whole stroke back together.

Looking for that flat body position?  Need some exercises to stop your legs from sinking? No problem.  Everything you need is right here...

Learn Backstroke In Easy Steps

how to swim backstroke guidebook


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  • swim with smooth technique
  • learn correct leg kick technique
  • relax and boost your confidence

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Sample Pages

Check out the sample pages below and you will see from the amount of hints, tips and focus points contained in each page and each exercise that there is something for everyone, whatever stage of learning you are at.

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Inside 'How To Swim Backstroke'...

you will discover the answer to some of the most common questions.

Do you ever ask yourself...

  • Why do I always sink when swimming backstroke?
  • Am I kicking my legs enough or too much?
  • How can I swim for longer on my back with less effort?

Find the answers to these and many more questions inside.

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Always wanted to learn how to swim backstroke?  Do you find basic backstroke technique difficult? 

Great Little Book!

"I always sank whenever I swam on my back or even attempted backstroke.  Now I can swim it confidently and without sinking. The photos and diagrams along with the technique tips for each exercise in this book make this so easy to get to grips with. Great little book!" D Henshaw

 This backstroke ebook is your perfect guide, with over 20 simple exercises containing top tips and key coaching points.  Fully illustrated and concise, you will discover:

  • How to learn basic Backstroke in easy steps
  • How to swim with smooth relaxed technique
  • How to isolate and correct your bad habits
how to swim backstroke guidebook


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Clearly presented, well-explained theory and technique to reinforce swimming lessons, saving you time and money.

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