Swimming Videos for Beginners

If you are in need of some swimming videos to help you visualise how your body should be moving as you swim, then you have come to the right place.  

Immerse yourself in the clear instructions that explain the four basic swimming strokes in simple terms.  Enjoy the slow motions that emphasise the different parts and then use the thumbnails to click through to the different parts of the stroke if you need more in-depth details.

Each video clip shows the swimming stroke being swum in a non-competitive style, using basic technique.  Below each video clip are small images for you click and find your way to some more detailed information about the individual parts of each stroke. 

Each clip contains links to the relevant ebook download containing all the best teaching points and practical exercises you will need to help learn, improve and perfect your swimming technique.

Front Crawl Technique Video

This video clip shows basic front crawl technique. You can see how the arm action generates almost all of the propulsion and the leg action promotes a horizontal, streamlined body position and balances the arm action but provides little propulsion.

The Separate Parts of Front Crawl

Breaststroke Technique Video

This swimming video clip shows basic breaststroke technique. You can see that propulsion from the arms and legs is a consecutive action that takes place under the water.  A large frontal resistance area is created as the heels draw up towards the seat and the breathing technique inclines the body position also increasing resistance. These are the main reasons that make this stroke inefficient and slow.

The Separate Parts of Breaststroke

Backstroke Technique Video

This video shows basic backstroke technique. You can see that the majority of the power is produced by the alternating arm technique and its horizontal streamlined body position gives it its efficiency. Therefore this is the preferred stroke in competitive races swum on the back.

The Separate Parts of Backstroke

Butterfly Stroke Technique Video

This video clip shows basic butterfly stroke technique. You can see that this swimming stroke contains a simultaneous leg action and simultaneous arm action. The stroke requires a great deal of upper body strength and can be very physically demanding; therefore it is a stroke that is swum competitively rather than recreationally.

The Separate Parts of Butterfly Stroke

Are these swimming videos not enough?  You want more detailed information? 

In addition to these swimming videos, you can now download specific swimming drills to learn and improve each individual part of each of the basic swimming strokes. Click here for more details