Front Crawl Body Position

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Discovering the wrong front crawl body position can sometimes be easier than find the right one.  Correct swimming position in the water for front crawl means less chance of sinking.  

However, it's not just about your position relative to the water surface.  It is very much about the 'shape' that your body creates as you move through the water - and that means focusing on small details such as head, hand and feet positioning.  

Front crawl body position

Good swimming is all about efficiency through the water, and an effective, streamlined body position in the water helps to get the maximum efficiency possible.  This means you swim using the minimum amount of energy.

Front Crawl Body Position Demonstration

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Top Tips 5 for The Best Front Crawl Position

1.  The head position for front crawl in crucial.  The waterline is around the natural hairline with eyes looking forward and down.  

2.  The head must remain still (apart from when breathing) in order to maintain a balanced and rhythmical movement.  Excessive movement of the head will cause the rest of the body to become unbalanced and its overall movement will be inefficient. 

body position for front crawl swimming stroke

3.  Shoulders remain at the surface and roll with the arm action.

4. Hips also roll with the stroke technique, close to the water surface and the legs remain in line with the body.

5.  Hands and feet must be together throughout the swimming stroke as this gives the body its efficiency, allowing it to move smoothly though the water.

Common Front Crawl Body Position Mistakes

The common body position mistakes made are with head position and hand and feet position during the stroke.

  • If the head is too high over the water surface, it will cause the legs and feet to be lower under the water surface and cause the overall body position to be sloped and therefore very inefficient.
  • If the head and face is too deep in the water it will cause huge resistance against the top of the head and make you feel like you're swimming through jam.
  • If the hands or feet move apart it causes the overall shape of the body in the water to become wider and therefore inefficient.  

How Is Your Body Position?  Check and Correct...

The best exercise to practice perfecting the correct body position and shape is a push and glide from the poolside.  The swimmer pushes off from the pool wall or floor and glides across the water surface, keeping the head central and hands together and feet touching together. 

Now Add the Rest of the Stroke...

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