Basic Swimming Strokes

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Which one of the four basic swimming strokes are you desperate to master?  

Always wanted to swim better front crawl? Like to be able to swim smooth breaststroke? Need to improve your backstroke? Always wanted to learn butterfly stroke?  You've come to just the right page!

basic swimming strokes for beginners

The basics of swimming can be made easy by breaking them down into their component parts.  Read on and discover all four basic swimming techniques for beginners and details on their component parts. 

Basic Front Crawl Technique

Front crawl is the swimming stroke that most people want to master.  It's the fastest of the four basic strokes, yet it has that elegant and smooth efficiency as it cuts through the water.  

Basic Front Crawl Technique

Need some tips on front crawl breathing technique?  Do your legs keep sinking no matter how hard you kick?  Maybe you are making one of the most common mistakes. 

Check out an overview of the full stroke, or click on a stroke part below for more in-depth details.


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Basic Breaststroke Technique

Breaststroke is one of the most popular swimming strokes because it can be swum with head above the water surface, making the breathing technique easier.  

However, it is also the stroke that most people get wrong!  

Basic Breaststroke Technique

Common mistakes such as arms doing all the work, leg kick lacking power and getting tired and out of breath after only a short distance.  Sound familiar?  

Check out the basic steps for the full stroke or click on a stroke part below for a more in-depth analysis.

Basic Backstroke Technique

Swimming on your back can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for some, but for others it can be a constant battle with that sinking feeling. 

Actually performing the backstroke can be, for some swimmers, a coordination nightmare.  Once mastered, it can be powerful, fast and very efficient.  

Basic Backstroke Technique

The most common mistake in backstroke swimmers is a lack of an effective leg kick, causing the legs to sink, which then compromises the overall body position.

If this sounds like you, try taking a look at the full stroke, or click on a stroke part below for a more detailed look.

Basic Butterfly Stroke Technique

Rarely swum recreationally, basic butterfly stroke powerful, explosive and when performed correctly, very impressive.  

Basic Butterfly Stroke Technique

The powerful arm technique pulls the body up above the water surface as the dolphin leg kick snaps down.  The arms are thrown over the water as the dolphin-like body movement causes the whole action to start again.  

Are you up for learning this?  You will need the basic steps to start with or click on a stroke part below for a more in-depth detailed look.

The Basic Swimming Strokes Book

Time to polish up and fine-tune your basic swimming techniques?  Download  'The Swimming Strokes Book' designed by me to take your strokes apart and take a closer look at what each part of your body should be doing.  

Practicing drills that focus on specific areas such as body position, breathing, leg kick or arm action, can help to fine-tune those areas and bring together smoother and a more efficient swimming technique.

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