The Swimming Strokes Book

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The Swimming Strokes Book contains 82 easy exercises that teach you what each part of your body should be doing for all four basic swimming strokes. Simple, easy-to-follow and practical book, presented with clear pictures that makes learning and improving swimming technique easy for swimmers and non-swimmers of every level.

Learn, Fine-Tune and Perfect YOUR Swimming Technique


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  • Swim smoothly with less effort
  • Fine-tune your swimming technique easily
  • No more getting out of breath so quickly

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Great help

"I help out at a local swimming club. This book is a excellent help for me to help the kids work on their stroke technique. Illustrations are agreat help." lynettep

Inside 'The Swimming Strokes Book'... will discover the answer to some of the most common questions.

  • Why do I get so out of breath?
  • How can I swim smoothly?
  • What is the correct breathing technique?

The Swimming Strokes Book is designed to break each stroke down into its component parts, those parts being body position, legs, arms, breathing and timing and coordination.  An exercise or series of exercises are then assigned to that part along with relevant teaching points and technique tips, to help focus only on that stroke part.  

Although it is not the same as having a swimming teacher with you to correct you, this book perfectly compliments lessons or helps to enhance your practice time in the pool.  The 82 exercises form reference sections for each swimming stroke, complete with technique tips, teaching points and common mistakes for each individual exercise.

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Money Well Spent

"I found this book to be extremely helpful with my quest to improve my swimming.  It is very easy to follow with plenty of diagrams & has given me renewed confidence in the pool.  Great book covering basic swimming strokes for both beginners & those wishing to improve." SteveJ

Clearly presented, well-explained theory and technique to reinforce swimming lessons, saving you time and money.


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