Discover How To Swim Front Crawl for Longer Distances With Ease

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If you struggle when it comes to learning how to swim front crawl, you're not alone.  It's a common challenge many beginner swimmers face. 

Truth is! You DON'T have to fall behind while others swim effortlessly past you.  You don't have to limit your time in the pool due to exhaustion.  


...and develop a smooth efficient stroke.  I have the exercises and instructions to help you dive ahead of the pack. 


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Don't be the one gasping for breath...

Be part of the rest, swimming longer distances with smoother technique.


  • Clear and easy to understand diagrams
  • Specific exercises for each body part
  • Clear and simple coaching tips

Achieve your ambition and swim without feeling like you are going to sink. 

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Take your basic front crawl to the next level and swim your way to cloud nine!

How To Swim Front Crawl with Ease and Confidence

 Work through the clear and simple exercises.  They focus on each individual part of the stroke so you can learn what each part of your body should be doing.

how to swim front crawl for beginners
front crawl exercises that make swimming easy

How To Swim Front Crawl is your perfect guidebook.  It has over 20 simple exercises containing clear diagrams and top coaching tips.  Fully illustrated and concise, you could:

  • Correct your bad habits and swim smoother
  • Swim confidently without that sudden shortness of breath
  • Become the swimmer you have always wanted to be

What A Difference!

"Wow, so simple! The exercises along with the focus points got me thinking about parts of my front crawl that never crossed my mind. I now swim a much smoother front crawl. Thank you!" C Ferguson


You can also download from:

Buy a PRINTED copy from: 

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