How To Swim Front Crawl With Ease and Confidence

Are you a beginner wanting to learn how to swim front crawl?  Maybe you can swim front crawl but you've had enough of getting tired so quickly?  Good news!  I have taken front crawl and broken it down into its separate parts, meaning you can discover where you are going wrong and fine-tune your technique.  

Front crawl is the fastest, most efficient swimming stroke. It is also one of the most exhausting if your technique isn't correct. 

By breaking the stroke down, I have simplified it to use the parts you need to fine-tune your swimming technique, making learning how to swim front crawl easier. 

The video clip below shows the continuous alternating arm pull and leg kick actions that keep the whole swimming stroke balanced. The breathing action happens seamlessly by rotating the head to the side as the arm pulls though.  

How To Swim Front Crawl explained in 2 minutes...

12 Steps To Maximise Your Front Crawl Technique

1.  The body must be kept horizontal, stretched and streamlined, with the face in the water and the eyes looking downwards and slightly forward.

Front crawl body position showing a streamlined shape through the water

2.  The head leads the movement and only turns when a breath is taken.

3.  The leg kick is a continuous movement originating at the hips and should be constant and alternating. 

Front crawl leg kick with relaxed ankles and knees

4.  Toes must be pointed, ankles relaxed, and the knees bend slightly.

5. The feet make a small splash as they kick near the water surface.

6. The fingertips lead the hand entry, entering the water at a point in front of the head, between the shoulder and centre line. 

Front crawl arm action showing pull, elbow bend and recovery.
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7. The hand catches the water, palm down, and then accelerates through the hip's creating an S shape pathway.

8. The arm is taken back over the water in a pathway close to the body, with the head and near the water surface.

9. There should be a breath out into the water as the arm pulls through and the head rolls to the side ready to take a breath in.

Front crawl breathing technique, rolling the head to the side.

10. Breathe inwards quickly as the arm recovers over the water surface, and the face rolls back into the water as the hand enters.

11. Each part of the stroke should complement each other whilst maintaining a balanced and streamlined body position. 

Front crawl stroke technique broken down and made easy to understand

12.  All actions must be smooth and continuous.

Beginners: need to know and need to avoid

Here are some crucial points for beginners learning how to swim front crawl.

Need To Know:

  • Swim slowly and feel your way through the water. Smooth and gradual movements consume less energy.
  • Practice your front crawl regularly, but don't overdo it.  
  • Becoming breathless is normal. Front crawl can be hard work, but regular practice will help build your stamina.
  • Don't be put off if your progress is slow. Be patient and determined, and you will get there. 

Try To Avoid:

  • Kicking too hard or too fast. Keep your leg kicks relaxed and flowing.
  • Moving your head excessively while you swim disrupts other parts of your stroke. Keep your head still unless you're taking a breath.
  • Do not hold your breath - it will cause you to tire quickly. Keep blowing out slowly into the water as you swim.

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Basic drills for learning how to swim front crawl
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Common Front Crawl Questions and Answers.

Got a problem with front crawl? Is there something about your technique you want to share? This is the place to do it!