Simple Drills to Improve Front Crawl Technique

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Looking to improve front crawl and get that smooth, elegant swimming stroke?  

Did you know, one of the best drills to advance your front crawl technique is the 'push and glide'?

The 'push and glide' is the perfect drill to fine-tune your body position, change the shape you create as you swim and begin to elegantly cut through the water as you swim. 

What are the best drills to improve Front Crawl?

The best swimming drills are designed to focus on one stroke part at a time, for example, leg kick, breathing or timing and coordination. 

An example sequence of drill could be:

  1. Firstly practice a body position drill and get your shape right.
  2. Next practice a leg kick drill and learn to relax as you kick.
  3. Then practice an arm pull drill. Perfect the arm pull technique, then apply what you learnt from the body position and leg kick drills. 
  4. Next, practice a breathing drill. Master trickle breathing and add in the arm pull and leg kick stuff.
  5. Then try a timing and coordination drill and add in what you learnt from the body position drill.

Keep going with this sequence and in no time you will be swimming front crawl in the smooth and effortless style you've been aiming for. 

Discover 22 tried and tested drills that will help you to eliminate your bad habits and piece together a perfectly smooth front crawl stroke.

Swim front crawl stroke with enhanced and effective technique.


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how to swim front crawl for beginners
front crawl exercises that make swimming easy

 Work through the clear and simple exercises.  They focus on each individual part of the stroke so you can learn what each part of your body should be doing.

The basic drills all contain focused teaching points, and soon you will be efficiently swimming longer distances without getting as tired you did before.

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Swim Front Crawl with Ease and Confidence

How To Swim Front Crawl is your perfect guidebook.  It has over 20 simple drills containing clear diagrams and top coaching tips.  Fully illustrated and concise, you could:

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Swim front crawl stroke with enhanced and effective technique.


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