How To Float

Are you frustrated, wondering how to float as you swim along and slowly sink?  Not everyone naturally floats on water, but everyone can learn to stay up as we swim - yes, even you - the one who naturally sinks!  

Let me debunk the myths, give you some facts and teach you how to appreciate how your body behaves in the water - all for FREE! 

Your Road To Conquering How To Float

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You will discover these are all myths:

  • Myth #1: The harder and faster I kick, the more I will stay afloat.
  • Myth #2: The faster I use my arms the more I will stay afloat.
  • Myth #3: The water is trying to pull me down. 
  • Myth #4: If I take a bigger breath and hold it for longer I will float.

Find the reasons behind these and learn many more facts about floating inside this amazing book.

Always wanted to be a better swimmer?  Frustrated that your body always wants to sink, not matter how hard you try to stay up? 

This book is your perfect guidebook, with easy to do exercises, simple tips and coaching points.  Fully illustrated and concise, inside you will discover:

  • How to relax, glide and breathe
  • Which swimming stroke is best for staying afloat
  • The difference between floating stationary and floating when swimming

Inside you will discover essential exercises and drills to help you learn how your body behaves in the water. 

You will learn:

  1. Face down floating
  2. Push and glide
  3. Push and glide with kicking
  4. Supine push and glide

All of the exercises will teach you how to keep you body at the water surface as you swim. 

Download your FREE copy today.  

This ebook is PDF format and can be automatically viewed on most mobile and tablet devices.  PDF viewing software, such as Adobe Reader is required for some laptop and desktop devices.   Click here to download Adobe Reader for free