When Adults Learn To Swim...

What to expect and what not to fear

When adults learn to swim, there is no age limit, so you're never too old to take the plunge, and the benefits of swimming are undeniable and well worth the effort. However, many adults have the misconception that it's harder to learn how to swim later in life than when you're a child. Trust me; I have successfully made every adult I have taught confident in the water and the vast majority of them have gone on to be happy regular swimmers.

You will no doubt have many questions, such as:

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When adults learn to swim, you open the door not only to an essential life skill but also to an array of water-based fun activities. Activities like:

  • scuba diving 
  • snorkelling
  • simply the joy of splashing around in the pool with your children or grandchildren. 
  • you're also better prepared for any water-related emergencies.

can an adult learn to swim

The idea of learning to swim can be intimidating for many, and you might be wondering what the experience will be like. So, let's dive into what you need to know when adults learn to swim.

When adults learn to swim, what can I expect?

When searching for swimming lessons for adults, it's essential to pick the right type of swimming lesson to suit you. Group classes work well for some, as they offer a sense of camaraderie and the feeling that 'we're all in this together', so there is no need to feel shy or embarrassed. If you find the thought of joining a group class too nerve-racking, then private lessons could be a better option, particularly if you have a fear of swimming or you've had a bad experience in the past. 

teaching adults how to swim

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All swimming instructors are more than able to teach adults and will adapt their teaching style to suit you. When you arrive at the pool for your first swimming lesson, they will welcome you into a calm and relaxed learning environment. Your teacher will be aware of the varied needs of the adult learners and do their best to maintain a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. After all, you're not the only adult who wants to learn to swim.

adult and teacher

Your first lesson will typically start with an introduction to water comfort. Many adults learning to swim have a fear of water, so slow and gradual will be the order of the day. You'll learn the essential basics first, such as:

  • how to enter and exit the pool safely
  • how to submerge your head 
  • how to blow bubbles underwater
  • the basics of floating

All the while, your swimming teacher will be sensitive to all your fears and anxieties, which will dictate the pace of the lessons.

Once you begin to get comfortable with the basics, instructors will introduce some basic arm pull and leg kick movements to generate some propulsion. The aim is to get you moving in the water and build your strength and stamina.

As you get used to floating and moving through the water, your instructor will introduce you to various swimming strokes. But don't worry; they will start with the easiest one - breaststroke. You'll break down each part of the stroke, practising the leg kick, the arm pulls, and the breathing, all separately before attempting it all together.


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Can adults learn to swim?  I’m too embarrassed!

Over the years, I have frequently been asked, 'Can adults learn to swim?' The answer is always 'Absolutely yes!' and here's a heartening fact: speaking as an experienced swimming teacher, I can assure you that adults often make great swimming students because they understand the mechanics behind the skills they are learning, which is not always the case with children.

You might feel embarrassed about learning to swim late in life. Never be embarrassed as an adult learning how to swim. There are thousands of adults out there who want to learn to swim but don't have the confidence to take the plunge. You have decided to do it, so embrace the unknown and be proud of yourself.

How long will it take to learn to swim?

One of the most important parts of learning swimming as an adult involves managing expectations. Often, adults hope to swim within a similar time that it takes a child. Whilst that is possible for some, it is normal for adults to take longer, and the learning curve differs significantly from person to person. Do not let that deter you! Patience, persistence and determination are vital when adults learn to swim.

So, how long does it take for adults to learn to swim? Everyone progresses at their own pace. It could take several lessons or even a few months before you are fully confident in the water and can do a full swimming stroke unaided. But don't let this discourage you. Remember that it's not about how fast you learn but about mastering a life skill safely and confidently.

Learn to swim and you get all this too…

An added bonus to all of this is that swimming is an excellent full-body workout. The health benefits of swimming are huge. Benefits include:

  • increased cardiovascular health
  • increased muscle tone
  • improved joint mobility
  • less strain on joints than other types of exercise, making it an ideal activity for individuals across all age groups.

Besides the physical benefits, swimming provides a tranquil escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Being immersed in water can be calming, soothing, and therapeutic. It's also a great stress reliever when you use the water to relax.

Remember, it's never too late to learn to swim. The journey might be challenging at times, but the rewards that come are boundless. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll wonder why you didn't learn years ago. Swim on!

when adults learn to swim they have fun with children

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