Teaching Adults How To Swim

Unlock the art of adult swimming instruction with 'Teaching Adults How to Swim.' Everyone who arrives at the poolside ready to learn how to swim is different, and adults are no exception. However, adult swimming lessons need a different approach than swimming lessons for children. Swimming teachers must adapt their lessons to help accommodate adult learners and their individual needs.

This indispensable guide will make you rethink your approach to adult swimming lessons. It will equip you with effective strategies, tried-and-true lesson plans, and practical exercises to help your adult learners overcome their unique challenges.

Dive into this ocean of knowledge and come out with a clear understanding of the common barriers adults face when learning to swim, as well as proven tips on how to help them conquer their fears. From a fear of water to body consciousness, this book covers it all.

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'Teaching Adults How to Swim' is not just a book; it's your companion on the journey to becoming an effective and empathetic swimming teacher. Discover the transformation in your teaching methods, and relish the satisfaction of your learners' progress.

Enhance your instruction skills, streamline your lessons, and empower your adult learners to dive into the waters fearlessly. Whether you are a novice swimming teacher or a seasoned professional, 'Teaching Adults How to Swim' is the essential resource you didn't know you needed. So why wait? Dive in and make a splash with your adult swimming lessons!"

Discover What's Inside


1.  Barriers, Obstacles and Challenges

  • Fear or Anxiety Related to Water
  • Perceived Vulnerability or Feeling Embarrassed
  • Physical Fitness or Health Issues
  • Lack of Available Resources
  • Time Constraints

2.  Adults Vs Children

3.  Why Is Teaching Adults To Swim Different To Teaching Children?

4.  Teaching Qualities

  • Effective Communication

5.  Adapting Your Teaching Style

6.  Equipment

7.  Teach The Important Basics First

  • Entering The Water
  • Movement Through The Water
  • Underwater Confidence
  • Stand Up Mid Swim
  • The Psychology of Floating
  • Gliding
  • Basic Exercises To Build Confidence

8.  Treading Water

9.  Front and Back Paddle

10. BLABT!

11. Teaching Adults Breaststroke

12. Teaching Adults Front Crawl

13. Teaching Adults Backstroke

14. Adult Lesson Plans

Teaching Adults How To Swim Sample Pages

Adults face many barriers and have several obstacles to overcome when faced with the challenge of learning how to swim. The five most common obstacles are covered in the first chapter.

teaching adults swimming

When it comes to learning the basics of breaststroke, front crawl and backstroke, adults face some common barriers and limitations. My book covers the most common challenges and provides some basic exercises the focus on each part of these three basic swimming strokes. 

teaching adults to swim

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teaching adults how to swim

Overcome the challenges of adult swimming lessons

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