Effects of Swimming on Skin

I would like to learn to swim but am concerned about the impact after swimming, particularly the effects of swimming on the skin. Due to treated water, does swimming affect the skin, eyes, ears and other body organs? What items are available to wear to protect ourselves from health issues? Please advise the precautions to take. Thank you!

I would be lying if I said that swimming had no effects on the body in terms of damage due to the water. However, let us put some things into perspective here.

Most public and private swimming pools adhere to very strict guidelines regarding water treatment, particularly the chemical balances of chlorine. Chlorine and other chemicals are a requirement in pool water to kill off germs and help keep it safe to swim in.

As for the effect on our bodies post-swim, well, they are minimal, to say the least. Olympic swimmers spend most of their waking hours in or around a swimming pool, and these athletes have reported no long-term effects.

So, for someone learning to swim who might go to the pool once or twice a week, very little can happen.

We are all sensitive in different ways, and different amounts of exposure to swimming pool water, and some very common and very basic precautions can be taken.

You can protect your eyes by wearing a good pair of goggles. You can prevent water from entering your ears by wearing ear plugs, and a swimming cap will keep your hair dry. Swimming costumes made from chlorine-resistant material are readily available from most retailers. If your skin is sensitive to swimming pool water, you could go the whole way and wear a full-body wet suit, but this is usually only necessary in extreme cases.

Please do not let the effects of the water put you off from learning to swim. The benefits of swimming in terms of increased health, relaxation and fun far outweigh any slight side effects of swimming pool water.
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