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Swimming to Overcome Asthma

I learnt swimming when I was really young. I recently started swimming to overcome asthma. I find it hard to swim freestyle so I opt for back stroke. Is there a stroke that will help my lungs and help me swim better?

When it comes to asthma and your lungs, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise to help because of the nature of the breathing technique. Most swimming strokes will use your lungs to their full capacity.

The answer to your question will depend on two factors. Firstly the standard of your swimming and secondly the severity of your asthma. If your asthma is particularly severe then low intensity swimming is ideal without pushing your boundaries too much too often.

Swimming backstroke is the easiest from a breathing point of view as your face is permanently out of the water but it may not be using your lungs to their maximum.

One of the best swimming strokes to swim would be breaststroke. A breath can be taken every stroke during breaststroke so you will not be holding your breath and swimming face down for long periods of time. Also the nature of breaststroke is such that it can be performed in a slow and relaxed way, allowing you to find a comfortable pace to swim at.

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