Reduce My Weight By Swimming

Is it possible to reduce my weight by swimming? I am learning to swim, so please help me reduce my weight and increase my stamina.

The short answer is an absolute yes! Swimming is one of the best ways of reducing weight, increasing stamina and generally improving fitness.

Beginners learning to swim usually burn more calories than those that can swim already. This is because beginners are unconditioned and unfit when it comes to swimming; therefore, it is a new form of exercise.

Any new form of exercise places stress on the body, causing the heart rate to increase, your breathing to become more rapid, and you to use muscles and energy in a way they have never done before.

The result: you burn loads of calories! Providing you are not consuming excessive amounts of calories, the net result of this exercise will be weight loss and a change in body shape.

Weight loss and increases in stamina go hand in hand. One affects the other. As your weight goes down, your stamina goes up and vice versa.

Do not let the fact that you are a beginner learning to swim put you off. Get in the swimming pool and have a go. Every exercise you try, every leg kick and every arm pull will result in calories burnt, and your stamina increased.

As your swimming improves and becomes stronger, some parts of it become easy. Like any other form of exercise, you must make sure you change your routine to maintain your weight loss and increase stamina. Swimming is no different.

Make sure that you increase the number of lengths of the pool that you swim or change the speed of your swimming so that it remains a challenge to your body. Then you will maintain your weight loss.

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Reduce My Stomach By Swimming

How can I reduce my stomach by swimming?

By reducing your stomach, you are referring to reducing your body fat percentage, and swimming is a very effective way of achieving this.

You must understand that reducing only your stomach cannot be done but reducing all over body fat percentage can very much be done. Exercising your body burns fat in all areas of your body, including your stomach. It is impossible to reduce fat in one certain area of your body.

The most effective types of exercise for reducing body fat are ones that work the body as a whole, and swimming is one of the best for this.

For weight loss to be effective and sustained you must exercise at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes each time.

If you are a beginner or non-swimmer, then learning to swim will burn lots of calories as your body is doing something it has never done before and therefore is not used to.

If you are an established swimmer, you must vary your swimming routine. Swimming is easy to take it easy, and you must take yourself out of your comfort zone. Try different swimming strokes, swimming at different speeds and vary the distance you swim.

For example, one swimming session could be alternating fast, and slow lengths, and another session could be a long-distance swim at a steady pace. The point is to vary your exercise routine, which keeps your body challenged and burning calories.

Even if you swim the same stroke all the time such as breaststroke, varying the speed and distance of your swims will help burn lots of calories.

If you get out of the swimming pool after your swim feeling like you did when you first got in the pool, then you have not worked hard enough!

Does Swimming Enlarge Butts?

I am wondering does swimming enlarge butts? Is it true that through swimming, the buts become bigger? Also, if one doesn't swim regularly, and leaves it after a while, will one gain more weight? Please answer! How to prevent the damage chlorine in swimming pools does?

Hi, thanks for your questions.

Firstly your question about swimming making one's butt bigger, I have not seen or heard of any evidence that backs up your statement. For a certain area of the body to become bigger in terms of its muscle size, it has to be worked out in a specific way, usually involving resistance training with relatively heavy weights. Swimming will cause your muscles to become defined and toned but does not provide enough resistance to make them bigger. So the answer to your first question is no!

The answer to your second question is yes, although it does not apply exclusively to swimming. In terms of weight loss and weight gain, referring to body fat percentage, if you stop exercising, there is a chance that your body will store and therefore gain fat. This is especially true if you also make no changes to your daily diet and calorie intake accordingly. This is true of any exercise, including swimming.

Regarding chlorine damage in swimming pools, the only real ‘damage’ can be done to your clothing if your swimming costume is not made from chlorine-resistant material. Check with your retailer for chlorine-resistant swim suits. Chlorine that gets onto your skin or into your eyes can easily be washed away without leaving any lasting effects. Most public and private swimming pools measure and monitor their chlorine constantly and are rarely found to be at harmful levels.

The most important swimming tips for beginners plus a whole lot more


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