Learn Swimming Online For Beginners

how to swim for beginners - a step-by-step guide

Looking for some step-by-step guidance to learn swimming online for beginners?  Welcome to Swim Teach!  Everything you need is right here.

But first, a word of warning:

The information provided here is for guidance only.  Learning how to swim is something that should be done under the guidance of a qualified swimming instructor, in a purpose built swimming pool, under strict supervision.  

If you are a complete beginner or non-swimmer, NEVER enter a swimming pool alone. 

How To Swim For Beginners

There are some key elements to learning how to swim for beginners to master - elements that if practiced first, will make learning stroke technique much easier. These elements are:

  • submerging
  • breathing
  • floating
  • regaining standing
  • gliding

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Step 1: submerging

learn swimming online for beginners

Getting used to the sensation of having water on your face, around your mouth and nose and over your head as you submerge, is a crucial element to learn and experience. Click here to learn how to submerge.

Step 2: breathing

Learning how to hold your breath and then let your breath out in the most efficient way is the next most important step to learn.  Holding our breath causes many physiological changes that affect how our body behaves in the water.  Experiencing these sensations and learning how to deal with them is an important step.  Click here to learn how to breathe in the water.

Step 3: floating

floating when learning how to swim for beginners

Not everyone is able to float naturally, but discovering your level of buoyancy and learning how to keep your body at the water's surface is an essential skill when learning how to swim.  Click here to learn floating at the surface and as you swim.

Step 4: regaining a standing position

Learning how to stand up mid swim is one of the most overlooked skills when beginners learn how to swim.  Regaining a standing position from floating or swimming is a key skill and hugely important for boosting confidence in the non-swimmer.  Click here to discover how to stand up mid-swim. 

Step 5: gliding

Gliding not only allows us to get a 'feel' for the water, but teaches us how efficient our body moves through the water.  Creating a streamlined shape (with hands and feet together) allows our body to cut through the water, making us move and swim using less effort and energy. Click here to learn how to glide through the water. 

Learning the swimming strokes

Which swimming stroke will you find the easiest to learn? Everyone is different, but it will be either front crawl or breaststroke.

Breaststroke is usually the easiest for an adult beginner to learn because you can swim it with the head above the water, and the movements of the arms and legs can be relatively slow and give some balance and stability.

Some beginners find the arm and leg movements of front crawl (or freestyle as it is often called) more manageable, but they can also find the stroke very tiring and, as a result, can be put off by this.

Most swimming teachers use the BLABT approach when teaching swimming strokes, so the same approach is recommended when you learn swimming online for beginners.  BLABT stands for:

Body position





Each swimming stroke is broken down into these parts, which are then learnt individually before putting the stroke together.  It is a very effective way of learning what each part of your body should be doing. Click on a swimming stroke below to find out more, and then on an individual part to learn that too. 

Basic front crawl technique for beginners
Basic breaststroke technique for beginners.
Basic backstroke technique for beginners.
Basic butterfly stroke technique for beginners.

Learn Swimming Online For Beginners - The Ultimate Guide

Need everything in one place?  Download the ultimate swimming guide for beginners pdf.  All the essentials from floating, breathing and gliding, to how to swim all four basic strokes and all the relevant drills you will need - all in one pdf file.  Click below to download your copy today! 

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