How Should I Enter A Pool Where The Water Is Sometimes Chilly?

How should I enter a pool where the water is sometimes chilly and sometimes warm? I live in a warm climate and like to enter the pool by quickly walking in. Recently I heard that walking in quickly is bad for the heart and for the circulation. Is that true?

Walking quickly into chilly water causes the heart and circulatory system to react suddenly to the change in temperature. This reaction differs according to the individual. For the average individual of reasonable average health, this reaction has no detrimental effects on the heart at all.

Most of us adapt to changes in temperature with no problems. If this was a common problem, then there would not be cold baths and showers placed next to saunas and spas. Changes in temperature in these conditions are actually very good for the circulation, which is why these facilities are in place.

Entering extreme cold water, i.e. freezing conditions where ice is present on the water, can be too much for the average heart. An individual should be trained and conditioned to deal with those kinds of extreme temperatures.

In general entering colder water from a warm climate has no problems at all. However if you have any further doubts you should contact your doctor or physician.

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