Butterfly Stroke Technique For Beginners

Do you find butterfly stroke really tough to swim?  Always wondered if you are swimming it with correct technique?  

Swimming butterfly stroke with correct technique

You have come to the right place!  I have taken butterfly swimming technique and broken it down into its separate parts.  That way, you will have a clearer picture of what you should be doing at each stage of the stroke. 

By looking at the stroke one part at a time, you will be able to identify your mistakes and set about correcting them.  

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Take A Closer Look At Each Part of Butterfly Stroke and Enhance Your Technique

Basic Butterfly Technique Demonstration

12 Steps To Improve Your Butterfly Swimming Technique

1.  As the body undulates, the swimmer maintains a stretched and streamlined position, lead by the head.

2.  The shoulders remain horizontal as the movement flows smoothly.

Butterfly swimming stroke body movement for beginners

3.  The kick is simultaneous, rhythmical and powerful, remaining within the body width.

4.  The knees bend and provide a powerful downbeat whip like action, with toes pointed and ankles relaxed.

Butterfly leg kick technique for beginners

5.  The simultaneous arm action begins with the hands entering the water, thumb and index finger first.  

6.  The hands press outwards and downwards in a powerful S shape pathway towards the hips where they exit the water.

7.  The arms are then thrown over the water ready to enter again, gaining maximum reach per stroke as they do so.

Butterfly swimming arm technique for beginners

8.  Breathing should take place every stroke or every other stroke depending on the ability of the swimmer.

9.  The swimmer exhales explosively as the head rises and then inhales quickly as the arms exit and the chin is clear of the water. 

Butterfly swimming stroke breathing technique

10.  The timing and coordination follows a sequence of 'kick, pull, kick, recover'. 

11.  One kick supports the upward movement as the swimmers arms pull and the head rises to breathe.

12.  The second kick assists the undulation and propulsion as the arms recover.

Butterfly stroke timing and coordination

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