How To Improve Butterfly Stroke

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The secret to how to improve butterfly stroke lies in each individual part of the technique.  The only way to effectively master this challenging swimming stroke is to break it down into its component parts. 

The best place to start is a body position drill.  Get the undulating body movement right and you will have the perfect base to build in the arms, legs and breathing techniques.  

How to Improve Butterfly Stroke using Effective Drills

The best butterfly stroke swimming steps are ones that focus on one stroke part at a time, for example, body movement, leg kick or breathing.  

An example sequence of drills could be:

  1. Firstly practice a drill that will fine-tune your body position and get your shape right.
  2. Next practice a leg kick drill and try to maintain the body movement as you kick.
  3. Then perfect the arm pull technique by using a basic arm pull drill.   Then apply what you learnt from the body position and leg kick drills. 
  4. Next, practice a breathing drill. Master the timing and technique of the breath.
  5. Then try adding it all together by practicing the timing and coordination drill.

Keep going with this sequence, trying out different drills as you go, and in no time you will master butterfly stroke swimming technique. 

Discover 16 tried and tested drills that all contain the best and most relevant butterfly stroke technique tips that will help you to eliminate your bad habits and piece together perfection.

The easy to follow guide to how to swim butterfly stroke


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Sample Pages

Check out the sample pages below and you will see from the amount of hints, tips and focus points contained in each page and each exercise that there is something for everyone, whatever stage of learning you are at.

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The easy to follow guide to how to swim butterfly stroke


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