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Swimming Pool Etiquette: Who Is Right?

by jack forcett
(windsor canada)

I have a question about swimming pool etiquette. When people who are swimming and people who just float and talk are sharing the same pool, who has to watch and get out of the way. The floaters just think they can cover the whole pool wherever they want to go and want the swimmers to watch out for them. Are there any rules to over come this?

Thanks for your question. This is an interesting one. As far as I am aware there is no right or wrong answer and I do not think there are any rules as such.

Most public swimming pools have a roped off area or a series of lanes for swimmers who would like to swim laps of the pool as part of a workout. The lanes are usually sign posted as Fast Lane, Slow Lane etc.

Those that wish to swim leisurely or to float and talk as you put it, are usually required to swim in a general swimming area. This is the area that children may play in (if there is no separate kids pool) and where there are no swimmers swimming laps.

If you pool does not have such a set up, then it maybe worth approaching the management and requesting it, on the grounds of safety if nothing else.

Having said all that, you would think that those people wanting to swim and chat would have some respect for those of us that are in there for a serious workout or to perfect our swimming technique! Most people in a swimming pool stay out of the way of lane swimmers, especially if they are in the same area of the pool.

Sadly there is no code of practice or swimming etiquette. We have to rely on plain old common sense and common courtesy.

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