Swim To Survive

By Steven Leung

(Las Vegas)

To me, it's very important to learn to swim underwater.

I almost drowned on Coney Island in Brooklyn at the age of 6. I was playing in the water on the beach and as I swam into the waves I was being slowly pulled out further by the current. I could no longer touch the ground, and I became very nervous.

My older brother and sister didn't know I was gone, they continued to play on the beach but because my brother and I always took baths together during that age we used to compete for all the time who could hold their breath the longest underwater in the tub.

As I swam above water for the shore, the waves floated me out, I notice I was pretty far; I was as far out as the rocks extended. I tried to cry because I was so scared, but I couldn't.

I decided to cup both my hands and go underwater and use my cup hands and continue to pull, hoping I would get closer to shore. I would come up every few tries and notice I was getting closer to the beach, so I just continued swimming under and cupping my hands.

As I got close I was scared to try and stand up I wasn't taking any chances, but finally, I decided to put my legs down, and I stood up, and I just walked onto the beach as though nothing happened.

I walked passed my brother and sister and went where my parents were lying on the beach blanket and I just sat down and stayed there the rest of the afternoon and did not go back to the water at all after that incident.

Learning to swim or go underwater helped save my life. Most kids want to always stay above water, and that is why they drown. They get so scared just trying to stay above water that they get tired, and go under.

Learn to go under the water with confidence.


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