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Even YOU can do it...

How can I swim smooth? This question is one of the most commonly asked in and around the swimming pool.  How do I swim using less effort? Why do I get so out of breath when I swim? These are also high up in the commonly asked questions list.

All of these questions along with many others related to swimming technique come down to wanting and needing a smoother and more effortless swimming stroke.

dolphins swim smooth because of their body shape

Swimming smoothly is all about efficiency through the water.  In other words, how much or how little resistance your body causes against the water.  Relaxing during the stroke is also vital.

Discover over 80 exercises to help fine-tune your basic swimming technique and achieve that smooth swimming stroke by downloading 'The Swimming Strokes Book'. 

Creating the right shape is vital

The shape of your body in the water as you swim will directly affect how efficiently you move through the water.  Your body needs to be streamlined in order to be smooth in its movement.   

A penguin's body shape allows them to swim smooth

The diagram below shows a streamlined and efficient body position.  This type of shape in the water creates the least resistance to the water and therefore requires the least amount of effort for the body to move through the water.

swim smooth by changing the shape your body makes in the water

The body in this diagram shows a person with a muscular physique, but anyone can create this position in the water regardless of their shape, size or body composition.  It is a simple matter of having arms stretched out with hands together and legs straight behind with feet together.

It can be seen that if the hands and feet were in a wide position, the overall body shape would be wider and therefore very inefficient through the water.

Perform a push off from the poolside wall and glide across the surface in this position and you will soon get a feel for you own efficiency through the water.

Each of the four basic swimming strokes requires this shape and position, or elements of it, to be created at some point during each arm pull and leg kick cycle.

The book with those all important swim smooth exercises

The best-selling book, appropriately titled 'The Swimming Strokes Book', is unbelievably popular because the 82 separate exercises will ensure that you perfect and maintain an efficient and streamlined body shape when you swim all four of the basic swimming stroke. 

The ability to swim smooth is right at your finger tips.

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The swimming strokes book for perfecting basic swimming techniques
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I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program and I will earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. 

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