Is A Swim Belt What Your Child Needs?

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The swim belt, or floatation belt as it is sometimes called, is commonly used in swimming lessons where beginners and non-swimmers are being taught in water depth where they are unable to touch the floor.

Swimming belts are available in sizes that suit small children and are also available for adults in the form of aquatic exercise belts. 

Aquatic exercise belts can be used as part of aquatic exercise classes and for individual swimming pool based exercises as well as learning to swim.

A swimming belt is usually constructed of a series of small floats arranged along a belt that is fastened, tied or clipped in place.

Swim Belt Advantages and Disadvantages

swim belt

This type of floatation belt is ideal for the non-swimmer who requires extra support to aid with buoyancy and enhance confidence as it allows complete movement of the arms and legs whilst providing floatation.

Many private swimming pools, mainly found in gyms and hotels, are built with a level floor these days.  The swimming pool may have for example a depth of 1.2 meters across the entire pool, which is safe for adults and some children.  However toddlers and most children will need a buoyancy aid to keep them safe.

The swimming belt is ideal for this situation as once it is tied or clipped it will remain safely in place. 

They are cheap to buy which makes them ideal swimming equipment for swim schools and group swimming lessons, They can also be fitted and removed quickly so that a swimming teacher can work with an individual whilst the rest of the group remain safe in the water.

The main disadvantage of a swim belt is the number of floats contained on the belt cannot be changed or adjusted, unlike some designs of swim vest where the floats can be added or removed.

Where to buy one?

The swimming belt pictured above is available from most leading online swimwear retailers.

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As the child grows and develops and becomes a stronger swimmer, the swimming belt can be discarded and replaced with a swimming aid that is more appropriate to their swimming ability.  Possible children's swimming aids that could be a possible progression from the swimming belt could be a Swimfin or swim noodle.