Scared Swimming In Deep Water

I get scared swimming in deep water. I’m a beginner, and I know how to swim breaststroke. I get scared when I try to go to the deep part of the swimming pool (2m). How can I overcome this fear?

This is a very common fear, especially among beginners.

When swimming in deep water, it is important to understand that the buoyancy of the human body remains the same in all depths of water. In other words, you will float in deep water just as well as in shallow water; therefore, your ability to swim in all depths remains the same.

Firstly you have to have confidence in your ability to swim to the side of the pool no matter what part of the pool you are swimming in.

To do this, you must first become stronger, swimming within your depth, knowing you can stop and stand up at any point. Practice changing direction and swimming to the side of the pool, still within your depth. This will build confidence in your ability.

Next, try swimming away from the wall for a distance and turning around to swim back again without touching your feet on the pool floor. If you can do this exercise without placing your feet on the bottom of the pool, you may find swimming in deep water a little easier.

If you have proved to yourself that you can change direction and swim back without touching the pool floor, it makes no difference how deep the pool is.

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