Learn Butterfly Swimming Stroke

I would like to learn butterfly swimming stroke and want some information about how to kick, how to use the arms, butterfly breathing and any videos you may have.

Butterfly swimming stroke is arguably the most physically demanding swimming stroke. It is rarely swum recreationally and is usually left to competitive swimmers to master.

However, there is no reason why you cannot learn how to swim butterfly stroke. The first and most important part of learning is the leg kick and body movement. You must perfect the dolphin leg kick and undulating body movement, which is essential to achieving a powerful butterfly stroke. There are many exercises to help master this most important stroke element, using a kickboard and other learning aids.

The next stage is to add the powerful arm action in time with the leg kick and body movement. If your leg kick is powerful enough, the arm action will be made easier as the arms have to recover over the surface of the water. This is a fast, explosive action that demands great stamina.

Breathing should occur every stroke with the head facing forwards as breathing occurs during breaststroke.

My eBook ‘How To Swim Butterfly’ contains 16 separate exercises covering all aspects of the basic stroke and can be downloaded instantly. They are very easy exercises to understand and even easier to try out in the pool. Click below for more details.

The Simple Butterfly Stroke Book

The easy to follow guide to how to swim butterfly stroke
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