Try A Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

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The waterproof mp3 player for swimming has become more popular with swimmers both recreational and the more serious swimmer.  This type of mp3 player along with the waterproof mp3 headphones can bring a whole new dimension to your swimming, especially if you swim long distance and long duration. 

swimming with a waterproof mp3 player

Listening to motivating and up lifting music is common practice in the gym whilst pounding the treadmill or cross trainer.  Why should the swimming pool be any different?

Music in your ears whilst you pace up and down the pool can help to drive you and keep you going, or it can be music to chill out and relax to.

Are you one of those people who enter the pool with the intention of swimming for 30 minutes but stops and gets out after 15 because you are bored?  With an underwater mp3 player you can set up a 30 minute playlist of your favourite music, swim and let the time fly by.

Which WaterProof MP3 Player for Swimming To Buy?

Do you need motivation to swim at a certain pace or speed?  Underwater mp3 players allow you to set up a playlist of up-beat motivational music for you to keep pace with.

You could even have a balance of high speed up-beat tunes to swim followed by some calm, relaxing, chill out tunes to cool down to. 

The mp3 player listed below is 100% waterproof, has easy to use controls and comes with super comfortable waterproof ear buds. 

waterproof mp3 player for swimming

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Your underwater mp3 player checklist might contain the following:

  • PC or Mac Compatible
  • Your required memory size (2GB can hold over 500 songs)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Supported Formats: MP3 & WMA
  • Lightweight
  • Easy means of attaching it to goggles or swim suit
  • Waterproof mp3 headphones included
  • 1 year waterproof warranty

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Take the boredom out of the constant repetitive lengths and laps and use an underwater mp3 player when you swim!

Now take your swimming technique to the next level...

Now you have your waterproof MP3 player sorted, you can take your swimming technique to the next level with your renewed motivation and drive.

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