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Teaching Front Crawl Leg Kick

Need a lesson plan for teaching front crawl leg kick?  Look no further.  The tools you need are right here.

Getting pupils to kick with a relaxed and smooth kicking action can be tricky. Knowing the right drills and exercises, along with the common mistakes to look out for, are essential to pupil and teacher success. 

Lesson 2: Leg Kick

Swimming lesson plans for teaching front crawl leg kick to beginners

Lesson 2: Leg Kick

Aim: to learn front crawl leg kick and introduce breathing

Equipment: floaters or kickboards and buoyancy aids as needed


Entry:  swivel entry

Warm up:  2 widths any stroke on the front

1. sitting on the poolside demonstrating kicking action

2. holding the poolside and kicking

3. kicking with floats under each arm

4. kick with one float in front

5. holding the poolside blowing bubbles

6. kicking with floats under each arm adding blowing bubbles

Contrasting activity:

prone star float with or without buoyancy aids 

supine star float with or without buoyancy aids


using the pool steps or over the pool side

Teaching Point                         

enter slowly

take your time

pointed toes

kick with straight legs

kick from your hips

kick with floppy feet

blow gently

kick and blow at the same time

hold your breath

relax and stay still

take your time

Key parts to look out for:

  • Kick come from the hip
  • Kick is continuous and alternating
  • Knee is only slightly bent
  • Legs are close together as they kick
  • Ankles are relaxed and toes pointed
  • Kick should just break the water surface

Common mistakes:

  • Feet come out of the water
  • Kick comes from the knee
  • Legs are too deep as they kick

Teaching front crawl leg kick is just a small part of the plan...

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