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Teaching Front Crawl Body Position

The position and shape of the body is crucial to a streamlined stroke, so teaching front crawl body position correctly is an essential starting point.  Get this right and your swimmer has the perfect platform to learn and perfect a smooth swimming stroke. 

The tools you need are right here...

Lesson 1: Body Position

Swimming lesson plans for teaching front crawl body position to beginners

Lesson 1: Body Position

Aim: to introduce basic front crawl body position

Equipment: floaters, sinkers and buoyancy aids as needed


Entry:  swivel entry

Warm up:  2 widths any stroke on the front

1. standing holding the poolside and submerging

2. submerg the face whilst horizontal, holding side

3. push and glide with floats under each arm

4. push and glide with one float in front

5. push and glide without buoyancy aids

6. push and glide adding front crawl stroke

Contrasting activity:

submerging to retrieve an object

submerging to retrieve objects placed apart


using the pool steps or over the pool side

Teaching Point                         

enter slowly

take your time

deep breath and relax

arms out stretched

relax and glide

stretch out, point toes

hands together

stretch out and relax

take your time

deep breath and relax

take your time

Key parts to look out for:

  • Head remains still and central
  • Face is submerged with the water line around the brow
  • Shoulders should be level and square
  • Legs are in line with the body
  • Hands and feet should be together
  • Overall body position should be streamlined

Common mistakes:

  • Push off is too weak
  • Arms stretch out in front after the push off
  • Head in not central
  • Hands or feet are apart
  • Overall body position is not straight or streamlined

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