101 Swimming Lesson Plans PDF

A ready-made swimming lesson plans pdf that takes the hard work out of planning.  Discover every swimming lesson plan from first entering the pool and building confidence to swimming in deep water, including plans written explicitly for adults.

Instant Swimming Lesson Plans - Just Grab and Teach

I've taken my 30 years of swimming teaching experience and carefully put together over one hundred lesson plans that cover everything you could teach your swimming pupils - all in one handy pdf file.  

I give you lesson plans for:

  • Adult and child beginners' first time in the water
  • Confidence building plans
  • Plans that teach floating and gliding
  • Plans for developing front and back paddle
  • Adult learning basic swimming strokes
  • Learning and progressing the four basic swimming strokes (front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly) from basic level, through intermediate and onto advanced levels. 

Grab Your Copy Now!

Ready-made lesson plans for swimming teachers that take the hard work out of planning.

Click here for Free Lesson Plans, including a full index of ALL 101 lesson plans.

Lesson plans that:

  • are adaptable to your students
  • save you planning time
  • ensure progress

Each lesson plan comes with an individual assessment grid, so you can assess your pupil's ability in each key exercise. 

Every page of this swimming lesson plan pdf can be printed, so you are free to print it and have it with you on the poolside if you are not able to have your tablet or device with you when you teach. Simply slip your plans into a transparent plastic wallet to prevent them from getting wet! 

There is nothing better than having your planning all done for you, saving you valuable time. Having over 100 lesson plans stored on your device, ready for those days when you just need a quick set of plans to refer to, is a handy tool to have on standby


Swimming Lesson Plans PDF Sample Pages

teaching swimming lesson plans pdf for beginnersA confidence building swimming lesson plan for a child beginner
swimming lesson plans pdf freeAn assessment sheet for a child beginner swimming lesson plan.
30 minute swimming lesson plans pdf download for adult and child beginner.Front crawl arm technique swimming lesson plan for adult and child beginners.

NOTE: These swimming lesson  plans are designed to be delivered by a qualified swimming instructor as part of an official swimming school or association. 

Discover swimming lesson plans for beginners that cover everything from first getting used to the water to confidently swimming on the front and back.  The swimming lesson plans for adults are perfect for nervous first-time adults as well as the adult swimmer wanting to fine-tune their stroke technique.  

Ensure progress with sequenced lesson plans for each part of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers. Each plan also has an assessment grid so that you can monitor and measure the progress of each of your swimmers quickly and easily. These pre-made lesson plans are ready to go leaving you to focus on the individuals in your classes and fine-tune your practice as a successful swimming teacher.

Click here for Free Lesson Plans, including a full index of ALL 101 lesson plans.

We all know that students that come to the pool for lessons come in all shapes and sizes and with a range of abilities.  As swimming teachers, we encounter pupils of different ages and personalities.  They all come with a level of built-in confidence or fear - depending on their history. 

This teaching swimming lesson plans pdf is not written with a particular swimming association or scheme of work in mind.  They are general lesson plans that can be modified to suit your swimming school or scheme. They can also be adapted and changed according to the student or group of students you have in your swimming lessons. 

Ready-Made Plans to Download and Print

Teaching swimming lesson plans pdf

Ready-made lesson plans for swimming teachers that take the hard work out of planning.

Click here for Free Lesson Plans, including a full index of ALL 101 lesson plans.

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