Swimming In The Deep End

Swimming in the deep end sounds thrilling, doesn't it? After all, progressing to the deep end of the pool is a significant milestone for any beginner learning to swim. But wait a moment. The thought of swimming in deep water is a scary one. No problem. It's perfectly normal if the idea daunts you.

You're a beginner learning how to swim and face the prospect of venturing to the deep end of the pool. Deep water might fill you with fear and anxiety, or it could be something you are excited about. Everyone is different, and we carry worries, fears, and past experiences into the pool with us. Take it one step at a time, and before you know it, swimming in the deep end will be second nature.

swimming in the deep end for beginners

How Will I Know When I Am Ready For Swimming In The Deep End?

Confidence is a crucial aspect of swimming in deep waters. Confidence in your physical ability and then applying it to swimming in a new part of the pool.

Remember the first time you entered the water? That nervous anxiety you felt on your first swimming lesson. You may have come far since then, and you are now applying your swimming abilities to a new area of the pool.

Check in on your confidence. How far can you swim without getting too exhausted? Can you relax as you swim? Can you breathe and submerge your face as you swim? Can you change direction as you swim? How comfortable are you with going underwater? You do not have to be confident in all of these areas to swim in deep water, but they will help make the experience calmer and more manageable.

Sometimes, the 'deep end' can sound like a place of fear where beginner swimmers don't go, somewhere you don't venture to from the safety of the shallow end. But they are parts of the same pool and the swimming you've learnt so far - it works the same in the deep water too. The key to overcoming this mental hurdle is to take stock of what you've learnt so far and apply it to deeper waters.

swimming in the deep end of the pool

It is easy to imagine deep water as something that will pull you down. Still, your body moves through the water and stays afloat in the same way it does when swimming in shallow water. The only difference is that you cannot stop and stand up mid-swim.

Take things one step at a time. Swimming pools rarely go from shallow to deep in a sudden step. They will get deeper gradually, and their maximum depth will vary from pool to pool. Ask the lifeguard if you are unsure how slowly the depth increases or how deep the pool can get. After all, you should not be venturing into the deep end unsupervised. Always ensure a watchful eye looks over you, such as a lifeguard or your swimming instructor.


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Once you are confident swimming in the shallow end, move up to slightly deeper water, perhaps where your shoulders are submerged and you can still touch the pool floor with your tip-toes. Push off and begin swimming, stopping and standing when needed. Practise this a few times, increasing the distance you swim without stopping and standing. Once comfortable with swimming a certain distance, venture into deeper waters and swim without stopping until you reach the poolside.

Swimming the length of the pool by starting at the deep and swimming towards shallow waters can often be psychologically easier. Knowing that you are approaching a part of the pool where you can stand up as you begin to tire is safer and easier to cope with.

I Have A Fear Of Deep Water

Swimming in deep waters could invoke a sense of fear. But remember, you're in control. You are the master of your swimming abilities, and so long as you can make it to the poolside, you will remain in control of your deep-water swimming. For more about controlling your fear and a simple test to try out on yourself, click here.

Boost Your Confidence By Learning To Tread Water

deep water treading water

Treading water is like jogging on the spot but in water. Treading water can be a lifesaver when you're at the deep end and need to change direction or stop where you are and stay in control in deep water. Swimming isn't just about moving; it's also about staying in one place safely when you want to. For more about learning how to tread water, click here.

Deep Water Swimming - You Can Do It!

Always remember to take your time. Don't pressure yourself into swimming in the deep end before you're ready, and when the time comes to venture up there, make sure you are with someone when you do. Never go there alone. The deep end of the pool is a place to grow your confidence and strength and take your swimming to a whole new level. Go for it!

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