Swimming Flippers

Which fins will do the job best...?

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So you need a pair of swimming flippers.  Some are far more comfortable than others and some are designed for a specific purpose.  Here is a summary of the most popular swimming fins to help you make the right choice. 

which swimming flippers are best for me?

To make your buying choices easier to understand, I have provided details about the following designs of swimming flippers:

  1. Snorkelling flippers
  2. Short blade training flippers
  3. Long blade flippers
  4. Flippers ideal for children

Swimming Flippers:  What to look for...

swimming flippers flexibility

A very important point to consider when buying swim fins is how rigid or how flexible they are.  In other words, how easily they bend.  Too hard (little bend) and you will find yourself getting tired quickly.  Too flexible (very bendy) and they will lack power and drive.  

1.  Snorkel Flippers

snorkel flippers

This is a typical snorkel flipper design.  They are comfortable to wear and are fully adjustable when it comes to size.  The open heel makes them easy to put on and take off and their flexibility makes them perfect for snorkelling and underwater swimming, without unnecessarily tiring out the swimmer.   Click here to buy a pair. 

Comfortable swim fins

"These fins are great. Super comfortable. The "shoe" part is soft rubber. Easy to adjust. Super lightweight. Good for travel - the fin part is the size of my hand and flexible but firm. I got the L/XL and it fits my size 10 perfectly. My son is a 7 and it fits him fine, if you want to share. I highly recommend this product. Now to find a pool!"

2.  Training Flippers

short blade training swimming flippers

This very popular design of short blade training swim fins has a strong blade, making them ideal for helping to develop a stronger leg kick.  The full foot pocket design makes them very comfortable, but not adjustable so be sure to choose the correct size.

Helped me improve my stroke

"I am a crappy swimmer. I tend to put a lot of energy into very little forward propulsion when I swim. I knew it was my stroke and, when I put these on, I was able to move forward effortlessly and change my focus toward improving my upper body mechanics. These are for pool use only."

3.  Long Blade Swim Flippers

long blade flippers

Long blade flippers are designed to help increase leg strength and speed.  Their length also assists swimmers when it comes to attaining a correct body position as they move through the water.  Once again the full foot pocket design make them very comfortable.  They are not adjustable, so be sure to select your size.   Click here to select and buy your pair. 

Great swim fun for kids who are serious about swimming

"Bought for a first grader and fit great. shoe size sizing guide is accurate. these are not your drug store beach trip swim fin, they are fins similar to ones used by adult swimmers. there is no adjustable strap, they are rubber from ankle to toe. the fins should fit tight (you put them on when they and your feet are wet). your toes gooliagirl@gmail.com poke out the tops without hurting their performance."

4.  Childrens Swim Flippers

swimming flippers for kids

When it comes to choosing flippers for kids, most types can be used as long as they are available in children's sizes.   The ones pictures above are ideal for both snorkelling and general strength and stamina swimming.  They are fully adjustable so can grow with the child.   Click here to buy a pair. 


If you are a beginner learning to swim, then swimming fins are a great way to help develop a correct kicking action for front crawl, backstroke and butterfly stroke.  This is because they help to keep the feet and toes in a pointed position and they encourage the ankle and knee joints to be relaxed during the kicking action.  


Do not become over reliant on swimming flippers.  Use them to help build your strength and power but take them off and try to transpose the feeling into your feet by making your feet behave like flippers as you swim.