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How do you know if you need Swim Ear?  Let's be honest, you know when you've got water in your ear.  You may have even heard it enter your ear in the first place (assuming your hearing is  healthy and functioning of course).  If you didn't hear it enter your ear, then you can be sure you can hear it now.  That tiny splash of liquid swirling around making irritating squelching noises inside your head every time you move. 

You then spend what seems like hours tipping your head to one side, doing some kind of weird one sided zombie dance and bashing the side of your head (not recommended by the way) in an attempt to empty a small river out of your ear. 

swim ear for preventing swimmers ear

Swim Ear is 'ere to cure and prevent...

swim ear for preventing swimmers ear

Swim Ear is the only product you need to rid your ear of that pesky unwanted water.  

Designed to dry out the outer ear canal, a few drops of Swim Ear can eliminate unwanted water from inside the ear and prevent bacteria from multiplying and causing inflammation and infection.  

What is Swimmers Ear?

Swimmers ear, otherwise known as otitis externa, is given its name as it is usually related to swimming and more specifically swimming underwater where water enters the outer ear canal.

It can of course occur as a result of taking a shower or bath and it only takes a very small amount of water to enter the ear.  The results will vary from person to person and it can turn into a nasty infection.

symptoms of swimmers ear

If left untreated, swimmers ear can lead to itching and redness and in more serious cases the ear canal becomes infected and painful.  In these cases it is strongly advisable to seek medical attention from a doctor or similar medical practitioner. 


Water in the ear canal is usually only temporary as the water soon works its own way out of the ear canal.  

If the problem persists and the water remains it can be treated with drops designed to dry out the ear

Prevention is the best cure

Of course is goes without saying that preventing swimmers ear is better than treating the symptoms, and prevention is simpler than you may think...

Ear plugs will prevent water entering your ears as you swim.  If the water can't get in, then there is no risk of an infection kicking off inside your ear in the first place. 

There are a couple if different types of ear plugs you might want to try...

Reusable silicone ear plugs

swimming ear plug to prevent water in the ear

This type of swimming ear plug is made from flexible rubber, so that it is able to fit inside the ear and provide a water tight fit, preventing swimmers ear.   They come with a handy case to keep them in.  

Mouldable silicone ear plugs

These swimming ear plugs are made from silicone 'putty' that can be moulded and reshaped to fit inside the ear.   The 'one size fits all' design is recommended by doctors from preventing swimmers ear and can be reused.

Need a quick and easy cure for swimmers ear?  Enter Swim Ear!  The straight forward, no-nonsense prevention for that nasty ear infection that is all so common.