10 Pool Games For Free

Download pool games for free and unlock the power of play. 

The games and activities available here for free are all based on the basic building blocks of learning how to swim. Each game focuses on a particular aspect or combination of parts of swimming, so while your child is busy playing, they are learning a specific skill. 

Download 10 Free Games to Help Teach You Child To Swim

Using games and play to teach your child how to swim will not only open their mind to imagination and engagement, but it will help to distract them from the fears and anxieties often associated with the new sensations of being in the water and the expectations that come with learning how to swim.

The essential skills the children focus on include:

  • Getting used to the water
  • Moving around the pool
  • Breathing
  • Floating
  • Submerging
  • Gliding
  • Kicking their legs 
  • Pulling with their arms

Each game or activity shows what skill your child is learning and outlines the aim of the game from a learning-to-swim point of view. It also outlines any equipment you need, key phrases your child needs to hear, and how the game can progress if your child becomes confident or finds it easy. 

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You Will Get These Pool Games For Free

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Sail The Raft  the name of the game
Skill:  the swimming skill or skills being taught
Aim: what the game is aiming to achieve
Difficulty: ✭  difficulty level  ✭=easy ✭ ✭=medium ✭ ✭ ✭=hard
Equipment: equipment needed for this game

How to set up and play the game
This activity is performed in water that your child can stand in. Your child holds a float or kickboard…

Key phrases:  Phrases to say to your child to help encourage and focus on relevant parts of their body.

Progression:   Possible ways to make the game more challenging if your child finds it easy.

1. Slide And Ski

Skill: moving through the water.

Aim: to get used to moving through the water independently. 

2. Steer The Speed Boat

Skill: moving through the water and breathing

Aim: to move in different directions through the water while breathing.

Things you need: float or kickboard, floating objects 

3. Blow It Along

Skill: Breathing

Aim: to learn a basic breathing technique and gain confidence in breathing and moving around the pool.

You need: a light floating object such as a small ball or an egg flip. 

4. Skydiver Landing

Skill: standing up mid swim

Aim: to regain a standing position from a static floating position.

5. Seahorses

Skill: floating

Aim: to get used to moving around the pool without touching or standing on the pool floor.

Things you need: pool noodle/woggle

swimming pool games to play

6. Take A Shower

Skill: submerging

Aim: to get used to water pouring over the head and down the face.

Things you need: sponge or toy watering can (if available but not essential)

7. How Many Fingers?

Skill: submerging

Aim: to learn how to submerge with eyes open

8. Rocket Launch

Skill: gliding

Aim: to learn how to adopt a streamlined position and travel through the water in a supine (on the back) position

9. Boil The Water

Skill: Kicking

Aim: to learn an alternating kicking action and gain confidence in water being splashed.

10. Paddle Boating

Skill: pulling

Aim: to learn and develop a basic arm-pulling movement. 

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Download 10 Free Games to Help Teach You Child To Swim