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Legs Sink When Swimming Breaststroke

My problem is that my legs sink when swimming breaststroke. While I was doing the breaststroke, my legs sink whenever after I kicked. Is it because my kick is not strong enough?

Thanks for contacting me with a question about your breaststroke technique.

You could be right in your assumption that your breaststroke leg kick is not strong or powerful enough and that is the cause of your legs sinking as you swim.

The power of the kick is vital for maintaining the movement and momentum of the stroke and the majority of the drive of the stroke should come from the leg kick. Correct body position and a smooth glide will also help maintain momentum and reduce or prevent your legs sinking.

Ensure that when you kick, you drive you heels back and around in a whip-like action. The surface area of the underside of each foot and your heel should be facing backwards as if pushing away from the pool wall. That way they can push on the water to provide maximum power.

breaststroke leg kick technique

To help strengthen your leg kick, try kicking whilst holding a kick board or float. Hold the kick board in both hands with arms out straight in front of you. Try not to bare your weight on the kick board at all. Instead relax and allow it to float.

If you find this tricky then you can try the exercise with two kick boards, one held under each arm.

Do not be put off if you feel you are not moving at all. The kick boards provide resistance to the front and therefore they are an excellent way of helping to increase leg kick strength.

After each whip-like leg kick, the feet should then be pointed backwards and inline to provide a streamlined shape as they glide. If the feet remain turned out or toes remain turned up after the legs come together they will cause drag and almost certainly sink.

If possible ensure you submerge you face with each stroke, or at least keep you chin on the water surface and eyes facing forwards and not upwards. This will encourage and flatter and therefore more streamlined body position.
breaststroke body position

Although breaststroke can be swum with the body at an angle in the water, if the angle is too steep then this results in increased frontal resistance. Combine this with a weak leg kick and you really will go nowhere fast!

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