How To Teach Breaststroke

Knowing how to teach breaststroke to children and adults is essential for any swimming teacher, and the job is much easier when the lesson plans and basic drills are all detailed for you in advance.  So, that's just what I've done for you!

How to teach breaststroke technique effectively.

Must-have tools for successfully teaching basic breaststroke swimming technique include:

  • sound knowledge of the technique
  • basic drills that cover each body part
  • detailed lesson plans
  • effective assessment tools 

You will find all of these in my easy-to-follow book. 

How To Teach Breaststroke

Everything you need in a straightforward book. Detailed, comprehensive and very clear. It's a swimming teacher's dream tool kit for teaching adults and children to swim breaststroke. 

Inside you will find...

  • the essential qualities that make a good swimming teacher
  • the equipment needed to teach practical breaststroke lessons
  • a detailed breakdown of breaststroke technique
  • basic exercises that cover each separate part of the stroke
  • lesson plans covering each body part, tailored to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • simple assessment tools for each lesson

My simple intention here is to pass on some essential tools to anyone wanting to teach breaststroke. In particular, this book will be most valuable to new, up and coming swimming teachers because the lesson plans take the hard work out of thinking about what to include in your lessons. Each lesson plan contains a list of exercises and assessment tools that make assessing your swimmers a quick and easy job, leaving you to focus on the individuals in your classes and fine-tune your practice as a successful swimming teacher

Sample Pages

Basic leg kick exercise for teaching breaststroke kicking technique

Above is an explanation of a breaststroke leg kick exercise and the teaching points and teacher focus points. 

Example lesson plan for learning how to teach breaststroke leg kick

Above is an example lesson plan for a lesson lasting 27 minutes, and it lists relevant exercises, possible teaching points and an approximate duration for each part. All of the lesson plans in this book take the thinking out of lesson planning, allowing more time to focus on other essential tasks. 

Simple assessment tools that make assessing your breaststroke swimmers a quick and easy task

And here, the assessment guidelines for the above lesson plan are laid out in a simple and easy to use format. Each lesson plan has an assessment grid laid out in a similar design, making assessing the swimmers in your lessons a quick and straightforward task. 

Lesson plans, assessment tools and a whole load more...

Grab a copy of my popular book 'How To Teach Breaststroke' and plan your swimming lessons to get the best out of your swimmers.

Get the swimming teacher's definitive guide to teaching breaststroke, from basic technique drills to advanced lesson plans and assessment tools. 

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