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Front Crawl Lesson Plans

Looking for some quick and easy front crawl lesson plans?  Well look no further. Laid out below is a sequence of 5 swimming lesson plans, written specifically for swimming teachers with beginner students wanting to learn basic front crawl. 

The swimming lesson plans outlined here are guidance for teaching basic front crawl to beginners. 

We all know that students that come to the pool for lessons come in all shapes and sizes.  As swimming teachers, we are presented with pupils of different ages and personalities, and they all come with a level of built-in confidence or built-in fear - depending on their history. 

It goes without saying that these lesson plans are simply guidance and they can therefore be adapted and changed according to the student, or group of students you have in your lesson.  

NOTE: these lesson plans are designed to be delivered by a qualified swimming instructor as part of an organised swimming school or association. 

Example Front Crawl Lesson Plan

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Lesson 6: Whole Stroke

Aim: to focus in each part of basic front crawl and experience the whole stroke

Equipment: floats, hoop and buoyancy aids as necessary


Entry:  swivel or steps entry

Warm up:  

2 widths any stroke with buoyancy aids if needed

1Push and glide, holding a float if needed

2. Kicking whilst holding a float under each arm

3. Single arm pull with a float held under one arm.  

4. Holding a float with a diagonal grip. 

5. Alternate arm pulls holding float out in front

6. full stroke front crawl

Contrasting activity:

Jumping entry and swim through a hoop

Sitting dive through a hoop at the surface


using the pool steps or over the pool side

Teaching Point                         

enter slowly

take your time

stretch out and glide

kick with floppy feet

elbow leads out first

turn head to the bent elbow

Count ‘1,2,3’ each pull

continuous arms and legs

jump away from the side

head tucked down

take your time

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