Breaststroke Drills To Improve Technique

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Something not quite right with your breaststroke?  Looking for some breaststroke drills that will set you on the right track?  You have come to the right place.  Try out these basic drills and take your technique to the next level. 

These breaststroke drills are taken from my book 'How To Swim Breaststroke' and they each focus on one individual part of the stroke.  The 'key actions' and 'technical focus' points make improving your technique quick and easy.

Leg Kick Drill

Prone position with a float held under each arm

Breaststroke drill to fine-tune basic leg kick

Aim: to practise and develop correct leg technique in a prone position. 

Using two floats aids balance and stability and encourages correct body position whilst moving through the water. 

Key Actions

  • Keep your knees close together
  • Point your toes to your shins
  • Drive the water backwards with your heels
  • Glide with legs straight at the end of the each kick

Technical Focus

  • Leg kick should be simultaneous
  • Heels are drawn towards the seat
  • The feet turn out just before the kick
  • Feet kick back with knees inline with the hips
  • Feet come together at the end of the kick

Common Faults

  • One foot turns out, causing a ‘scissor’ like kick 
  • Legs kick back and forth
  • Legs kick is not simultaneous
  • Toes are not pointed at the end of the kick

Arm Pull Drill

Moving practice with a woggle held under the arms

Aim: to learn correct arm action whilst moving through the water. 

The use of the woggle means that leg kicks are not required to assist motion and this then helps develop strength in the arm pull. The woggle slightly restricts arm action but not enough to negate the benefits of this exercise.

Key Actions

  • Pull round in a circle
  • Keep your hands under the water
  • Keep your fingers together and hands flat
  • Pull your body through the water
  • Draw an upside down heart with your hands

Technical Focus

  • Arm action should be simultaneous
  • Arms and hands should remain under water
  • Arms and hands should extend forward after the pull
  • Fingers should be together
  • Arm pull should be circular

Common Faults

  • Fingers are apart
  • Arms fail to extend fully forward
  • Hands come out of the water
  • Arms extend forward too far apart

Breaststroke Breathing Drill

Breathing practice with woggle under the arms

Breaststroke breathing drill for beginners

Aim: to develop correct synchronisation of breathing and arm pull technique.

The woggle provides support, which enables the exercise to be done slowly at first. It also allows the swimmer to travel during the practice. Leg action can be added if necessary.  Note: the woggle can restrict complete arm action.

Key Actions

  • Breathe in as you complete your arm pull
  • Breathe out as your hands stretch forwards
  • Blow your hands forwards

Technical Focus

  • Breath inwards at the end of the in-sweep
  • Head lifts up as the arms complete the pull back
  • Head should clear the water
  • Head returns to the water as the arms recover
  • Breathing out is as the hands stretch forward

Common Faults

  • Holding the breath
  • Head fails to clear the water
  • Breathing out as the arms pull back
  • Lifting the head as the arms stretch forward

Need More Breaststroke Drills? 

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