The Best Swim Goggles

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You think you've found the best swim goggles.  You carefully place them over your eyes, adjust them slightly and off you go down the pool, only to find they are either uncomfortable, steam up or worst of all, they let in water.  

Discover the best swim goggles

Sound familiar?  Finding the best swimming goggles is a challenge of its own and can be a frustrating waste of time and money.  


Because there are literally hundreds to choose from and they all look and feel slightly different.  

What exactly are the best swim goggles?

Like choosing the best shirt or the best shoes, it's all a matter of what fits best for you.  

The top 5 points to take into account when looking for the best swim goggles are:

  1. Comfort
  2. Adjustability
  3. Visibility
  4. Do they leak?
  5. Do they steam up?

Below are some of the most popular swimming goggle designs and their features. 

1.  Basic Goggle Design

best swim goggles by design

This basic goggle design has an easy to adjust strap at the back of the head and changeable nose pieces.  The silicon seals around the eyes are a thin design and can be uncomfortable and prone to leaking on some people.  An average pair of swimming goggles at an average price. 

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2.  Childrens Swim Goggles

kids swim goggles

This popular design of goggles is perfect for kids.  The eye pieces and silicon seal are all-in-one, which reduces the chances of leaking.  They come with coloured of clear lenses and offer an easy adjustment strap at the back of the head.  They claim to be anti-fog and the fish design makes them very popular with children. 

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3.  One-Piece Mask Design

best swim goggles mask design

This wide view mask design offers a much wider field of vision than standard design goggles.  The large silicon seal sits around the outer parts of the eye sockets which makes them virtually leakproof.   This also ensures maximum comfort.  They are available in sizes for adults and children, but are not the best goggles for competitive swimmers as they are not very slim.  

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4.  Classic Clear Lens Swim Goggles

best swim goggles clear design

These are an example of some of the best swim goggles available at the moment.  The gasket shape fits around the outside of the eye sockets and is all concealed in a one piece frame.  This offers maximum comfort and minimum leakage.  The clear lenses offer clear anti-fog visibility.  An all round great pair of goggles.

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5.  Goggles for Vision and Performance

best swim goggles for vision and performance

These goggles, made by Aqua Sphere, boast that they have been created with vision and performance in mind.  The lenses are slightly oversized, giving greater vision, yet they are curved and shaped to offer hydrodynamic performance (basically a sleeker, more narrow design).  The one piece moulded frame and silicon seal offers a leak-proof and comfortable fit.

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Are they really 'anti fog'?

Most swimming goggles claim to be 'anti fog'.  This basically means that the inside surface of each lens is coated with an invisible film that prevents the goggles from steaming up as you swim.  

It works well to begin with. The trouble is, it wears off very easily and after using them and drying them off a few times, the thin layer of anti fog film is all but gone.  

This is easily solved by using some anti-fog products.  There are a range of wipes, sticks and sprays available and all do the job very well.  The image above is of a roll-on stick type, that does what it says on the side.  The easy to use marker style stick coats on clear and dries in minutes.  Click here to give it a try.