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Planning Swimming Lessons

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Planning swimming lessons can be time consuming, but it is an essential task to get right if you are going to deliver an effective, results based lesson. 

Here at Swim Teach, I have tried to make planning lessons a little easier by providing you with an example plan, along with a blank template for you to copy, print and use to plan your own lessons. 

Download A Plan Here...

The example plan shown below is available to download here.  It is a PDF file, so it can be viewed on all mobile devices.  However the file is just under 1mb in size, so ensure you have a good internet connection.  You may have to be patient if your connection is slow.  


I will not ask for your email address and you will not be asked to subscribe to anything.  Simply click on the link and the file will be available in a new window.  The file contains a copy of the example plan below and a blank version for your own use, along with some information about my book 'How To Be A Swimming Teacher'.  

Planning Swimming Lessons Made Easy

As you can see, the above lesson plan is divided up into sections and columns.  For a more detailed explanation of each section and column, click here. 

For a comprehensive directory of over 80 separate exercises to include in your swimming lesson plans, check out 'How To Be A Swimming Teacher', and download your copy. 

Essential Qualities of a Swimming Teacher

Lesson planning is not the only essential skill of a swimming teacher.  Other qualities that make for a successful swimming teacher include:

Communication When Teaching

Have you ever thought about HOW you communicate, when teaching?  Some  points to think about...

  • How clear and concise are you?
  • How appropriate is your teaching to the age of your pupils?
  • Are you interesting and enthusiastic?
  • Do you ask your pupils questions or do you just bark orders?

For more information on these questions and others, click here.  

Pupil Motivation

Do you plan for motivation?  An essential skill for a swimming teacher is to be able to motivate their pupils, and that comes from a careful combination of planing and communication.  Consider adding the following into your planning...

  • Goal setting
  • Praise
  • Feedback

All of the above are great forms of motivation, when used correctly and appropriately.  Click here for more details on these essential aspects of motivation.  

Everything A Swimming Teacher Needs...

My popular book 'How To Be A Swimming Teacher' contains everything you need to become a successful, results focused teacher. Click the book cover for more information, or just 'add to cart' and download. 

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