How To Teach Swimming

Never underestimate the impact learning how to teach swimming has on the lives of others.

Imagine yourself as a swimming teacher for a moment.  

Little Jonny has just swum his first few strokes unaided.  His face is filled with a mixture of surprise and pride.  Surprise at what has just happened and pride brought on by the praise you have heaped onto him.

That pride and praise is equalled by his mother, looking on from the poolside with tears in her eyes, beside herself with joy at witnessing her son taking his first steps to mastering one of the most important life skills he will require for personal survival.

Who is responsible for creating this picture of achievement, pride and elation?  You, the swimming teacher.

You met Little Jonny a couple of months ago when he was bought to you on the poolside frightened, nervous and crying.  Clinging to his mothers leg with no desire to go near the water whatsoever.

After gently coaxing him into the water, he clung onto you scared as he ventured into the unknown.  You then spent the next few weeks installing his trust in you and his confidence in himself, as he built up the strength and stamina to make his own way through the water.

Now for Little Jonny, his swimming lesson is the highlight of his week as he walks with great speed and enthusiasm along the poolside to meet YOU, his friend, his teacher and the person who has taught him how much fun swimming really can be.

Is Teaching Swimming Really Like This?

Yes it is.  When it comes to teaching swimming lessons every child and adult you meet that wants or needs to learn to swim is different.  Some come with no fear and have confidence built in whilst others are very scared and may even have a genuine fear of the water.

With the right skills and personal qualities that you have learnt from a recognised swimming teachers course and from reading the right books, you can nurture and teach anyone to swim.  Helping people to learn one of the most important life skills whilst having fun at the same time is a very satisfying and proud feeling, and the added bonus is that you get paid to do it!

Essential Qualities of a Swimming Teacher

There are many essential skills needed to be a successful swimming teacher.  Some of the most important when learning how to teach swimming include:

Communication When Teaching

Have you ever thought about HOW you communicate, when teaching?  Some  points to think about...

  • How clear and concise are you?
  • How appropriate is your teaching to the age of your pupils?
  • Are you interesting and enthusiastic?
  • Do you ask your pupils questions or do you just bark orders?

For more information on these questions and others, click here.  

Pupil Motivation

Do you plan for motivation?  An essential skill for a swimming teacher is to be able to motivate their pupils, and that comes from a careful combination of planing and communication.  Consider adding the following into your planning...

  • Goal setting
  • Praise
  • Feedback

All of the above are great forms of motivation, when used correctly and appropriately.  Click here for more details on these essential aspects of motivation.  

How To Teach Swimming - The Essential Guide

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