Basic Backstroke Swimming Technique For Beginners

Basic backstroke swimming technique is not something that comes easily to some of us.  Are you one of those who has got room for improvement when it comes to swimming on your back?

Basic backstroke swimming technique for beginners

Look no further!  Here you will find all you need to fine-tune your backstroke technique and boost your confidence when it comes to swimming on your back. 

I have broken the stroke down into separate parts so that you can focus on it one piece at at time.  That makes improving it a whole lot easier. 

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Fine-Tune Each Part of Your Backstroke Swimming Technique

Backstroke Swimming Demonstration

10 Steps to Better Backstroke Technique

1.  The body must be horizontal and streamlined as possible, with the head inline, eyes looking upwards and remaining steady throughout.

Basic backstroke body position for beginners

2.  The alternating leg kick originates from the hip and remains within the body width.

3.  Toes are pointed with ankles relaxed and the knees bend slightly with each kick.  

4.  The knee bend provides power on the upbeat phase of the kick, finishing as the toes just break the water surface.

Basic backstroke leg kick technique for beginners

5.  The hands enter the water little finger first, palm outwards with the upper arm just brushing past the ear.

6. The arm pulls through an S shape pathway, finishing at the hip, palm downwards. 

7.  One arm begins to pull as the other recovers over the water surface.

Basic backstroke arm technique for beginners

8.  Breathing should be regular and in time with the effort phase of the stroke.

9.  The leg kick and arm actions should be controlled and steady whilst maintaining a fixed head position. 

10.  All actions should be smooth, continuous and relaxed. 

Elevate Your Backstroke To a New Level

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I've broken the stroke down into it's main parts to make the arms, legs and coordination crystal clear.  

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Backstroke technique for beginner swimmers

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