Backstroke Exercises

Easy to follow and simple to do...

Looking for some basic backstroke exercises to help learn or improve your swimming technique?  Here you will find the simplest exercises that will make each part of backstroke clear so that you can practice and perfect one stage at a time. 

Each exercise focuses on a certain part of backstroke, for example the body position or the leg kick.  Then each given exercise is designed to isolate that particular stroke part and the technique tips and focus points listed help you to perfect the finer details of that part. 

They are all in PDF format, meaning they can be downloaded instantly and viewed on all tablet and mobile devices.  These exercises break down backstroke into it's component parts, making learning and fine-tuning it a simple process. 

Each individual exercise contains:

  • Photograph of the exercise being performed
  • Description and aim of the exercise
  • Clear technical focus points
  • Key action points
  • A simplified diagram

Each exercise ensures the swimmer focuses on one aspect of backstroke and exercises are available for each element of the stroke.  If your weakness is the arm action, leg kick or the body position, then download the exercises most relevant to you. 

Download Your Backstroke Exercises

Body Position

Static holding a float


Push and glide holding a float


Supine push and glide


Leg Kick

Float held under each arm


Float held behind the head


Float held across the chest


Float held over the knees


Float held overhead


Kicking with hands sculling


Arm Action

Single arm pull with float


Single arm pull with arm by side


Arm pulls using a pull buoy


Arm pulls using the lane rope



Breathing during full stroke


Timing and Coordination

Timing cycle from a push and glide


Timing during the full stroke


How Will These Exercises Help?

Each exercise forces the swimmer to isolate a certain part of the stroke.  For example, while performing a leg kick exercise after reading the technique tips and key focus points, the swimmers concentration is only on the key details of the kicking technique.  

Gradually over time and with practice the swimmer will eliminate their bad habits and begin to swim a smoother and more efficient backstroke. 

Each exercise is delivered as a download link, meaning you receive them instantly (delivery time will vary depending on the type and quality of computer equipment and internet connection).

Files are pdf format and require relevant pdf viewing software such as Adobe Acrobat.

For all of these exercises plus a detailed description of front crawl technique including common mistakes and how to correct them, download How To Swim Backstroke

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